Yoga practise improve to immunity power and longevity By Rakesh Dangi

Rakesh Dangi.

The Corona virus, which originated in China, has terrorized the world today. 
While the number of infections and deaths is increasing day by day, Nepal has
 not been untouched by its infection, which has led to the death of three 
Nepalese till now.

Corona virus is a contagious disease and its drug has not been traced yet 
so most countries around the world, including the word Nepal, India, have 
seized the whole country.In particular, the disease is more likely to move
 people who are already battling various diseases and those who are less 
resistant to the disease, said the pathologist.

In this way, we can easily protect ourselves from our own efforts when the
 world is in a state of corona infection. Staying at home, avoiding essential
 tasks other than essential work and wearing masks, glasses and globes, without 
exertion, using soapy water and sanitizer, etc., can be promoted by spreading 
the disease, as well as enhancing your Immunity Power  through yoga, exercise 
and various exercises. Corona helps to prevent infection easily.

The immunity power can be increased according to different yoga practice at
 home. Click on following link below to see those poses.

Link : Immunity Power Improving Steps By Rakesh Dangi 


                                   –  By : Prof. Rakesh Dangi, Tulsipur 6,Dang.


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