Nepal Lockdown for One Week

Nepal Lockdown for One Week:

The government has finally Lockdown the country. the govt has decided to lockdown from 6 am on

March 24, 2020, until 6 pm on March 31, 2020. not be ready to get out of the general public house

for every week .

The decision was made by the govt from Sunday’s cabinet meeting and its publicization was made

only on Monday, the govt spokesman and minister of finance said. Yuvraj Khatiwada informed. the

choice was taken for the prevention and elimination of the disease by using the authority of Article

2 of the Infectious Diseases Act 2020, because it is feasible to spread corona infections. Khatiwada



‘This may be a government order. the choice was taken by the cupboard meeting on Sunday, only

today we’ve made it public, “he said.” we should always all implement it now for the prevention and

control of Corona infection. ”


The government has taken such steps to stop and control corona infection (Covid-19), an

epidemic worldwide. Following this decision, nobody except the safety personnel, doctors , and

employees of the essential services are allowed to go away the house. He further informed that the

choice was made to go away the office by calling the office chief on the idea of need in order

that he might be placed on alert reception .


After lockdown, private and conveyance also will cease to work and domestic flights are going to

be closed. Long-haul vehicles and international flights were announced by the govt earlier. Only on

Monday, the international border with Nepal was sealed with two motorable ones in northern

China and 6 in four others, and a complete of 39 motors and 125 in south India, with a complete of

164 borders.


Tourism Minister Yogesh Bhattarai said that after the government’s decision, only security

personnel, doctors and essential service personnel are going to be allowed to steer . Others need

to stay indoors. the govt has decided to lockdown Nepal after a 19-year-old girl who came to Nepal

from Doha Qatar on St Patrick’s Day , 2020, after seeing a coronary virus-positive.


What shouldn’t do?

– nobody is in a position to urge out of the house apart from essential tasks like drug treatment,

food shopping.


– All public or private passenger vehicles except those employed by authorized

vehicles, doctors and security personnel are going to be prohibited.


– All domestic commercial flights, except those employed by security agencies and other scheduled

flights, are going to be closed.


– the top of the concerned office are going to be present at the time when other employees are

required for the operation of other offices besides essential services like health security, food,

milk, beverage , electricity, telecommunication, information and communication, customs

quarantine, waste management.


-The practitioner will arrange for a daily supply of medicines and pharmaceuticals. Use it within

the prevention and treatment of diseases, like lacking value or black market, controlling

hiding consistent with prevailing laws, confiscating material.


– To implement the order issued in sub-section 2 of Article 2 of the Infectious Diseases Act 2020, all

the Chief District Officers can also be utilized in accordance with the wants of Local Act 2028.

– To punish those that neglect or interfere with the add accordance with an equivalent Act.

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