Justin Bieber’s Forever Song Lyrics Ft. Clever

Forever” is a song by Canadian singer Justin Bieber, featuring American rappers Post Malone and Clever. It was released as a single on February 14, 2020, as the third single of Bieber’s fifth studio album Changes. It was released alongside the album. This track marks Bieber and Malone’s second collaboration, following Bieber’s feature on Malone’s September 2016 single, “Deja Vu” from his debut studio album, Stoney, which was released in December of the same year.

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Justin Bieber, Post Malone – Forever (Lyrics) Ft. Clever :


Could you be here with me forever, ever, ever?

Would you be here with me forever, ever, ever?

Waking up all alone ain’t better, better, better

Every time I go the wrong way you turn me back around

Turn me back like whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

Oh, whoa, forever, ever, ever, ever

Do you wanna look at me forever, ever, ever?

Yeah, do you see us in Vegas pushing a Monte Carlo?

Bet the money on baby, bet she don’t leave me, oh no

See them heat waves in the desert look like a lake in the sand

Would you watch the sun burn out with me forever, ever, ever, ever?

You still intimidate me

Keep me up on my toes now

Better man, what you made me

Made me aware of what I was missing

Been missing the way you gave me ambition, babe

Never thought I’d settle down

Reckon I lied to…

                   ~~~ THE END ~~~


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